Railway & underground security and signalling:

[Belgium] Metro and LRT: Brussels (STIB), Antwerp (De Lijn) & Charleroi (TEC-C)
[Belgium] Tram-LRT: Brussels (STIB) & Charleroi (TEC-C)
[France] Eurotunnel, Tram: Bordeaux

Airfield lighting, ground guidance, docking systems and other techniques:

[Belgium] Brussels-National Airport (BAC), Brussels-South Charleroi & Liège-Bierset (SOWAER), Ostend, Deurne.
[Netherlands] Schiphol (SPIE), Woensdrecht, Eindhoven
[France] Caen, Roissy
[Suriname] International Airport Paramaribo (JDC)

Monitoring and regulation of trams and bus including traveller information:

[Belgium] Bus: Liège (TEC-LV) & Hainaut (TEC-HT); Tramway and bus: Charleroi (TEC-C) & Brussels (STIB)


[Belgium] Metro: Brussels (STIB)

Technical systems for tramways (Catenaries, public lighting, traction substations, railroad switch remote control, speed control indicators, crossroad priority devices):

[Belgium] Tram: Charleroi (TEC-C)
[Belgium] Tram: Brussels (STIB)

Remote command & control systems for Traffic, Energy, Equipments management:

[Belgium] LRT and tram network: Charleroi (TEC-C); road network: Liège (Cointe Tunnel -SPW/SOFICO); Metro, LRT and tram network: Brussels (STIB)