Since 1964, BEVAC has specialised in studies for security, signalling, automation and communication systems, mainly in the field of public transport.

From 1989 onwards, backed by 20 years of expertise, BEVAC expanded its sphere of activities into the areas of telematics and airports, becoming an expert-advisor at the European Commission for multiple projects and, among others, at the Belgian "Airways Authority" (RLW/RVA) and later also at the Brussels Airport Company (BAC), SOWAER and Belgocontrol.

Abroad, BEVAC developed its activities in co-operation with Belgian government services and through organisations such as Transurb Technirail and BEAC, groupings of public bodies and private Belgian companies, respectively active in the areas of public transport and air transport.

In May 2012, BEVAC Consulting Engineers SA became BEVAC Engineering SPRL, which continues to offer clients the same high quality services with the same team.

BEVAC is a member of the "International Union of Public Transport" and official advisor to the Belgian Ministry of Communications.

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