BEVAC has frequently observed that, in the realisation of projects, project owners and operators often have significant difficulties in formalising the functional and procedural elements of a system in order that their operational and maintenance teams can undertake their daily tasks.

BEVAC has therefore developed a capability responding to these needs, specifically within our different areas of business (Metro, Tram/LRT, Bus, Airports, Interurban, Road and motorway tunnels, and Industrial buildings/complexes).

BEVAC has the necessary skills to offer the following services to clients:

  • Functional formalisation: translation of a system’s mode of operation and functionalities into standard vocabulary used by operators and maintenance teams based on the operating environment known to its developers;
  • Procedural formalisation: drawing up decision trees to resolve both operational and technical situations that may degrade the system and the integration of suitable maintenance specifications within the client organisation.