BEVAC has a great deal of experience in preparing Tender Documents (TD), so we also offer our clients a Technical proofing service for Tender Documents written by them

A TD written by a client is analysed against the following attributes:

  • Readability and general understanding of the project: verification of the different interfaces described;
  • Adequacy of the system with regard to the needs of the client;
  • Integration of the new system within existing client installations;
  • Consistency between the text descriptions, price schedule and possible blueprints;
  • Use of 'standard' chapters and clauses in line with BEVAC experience;
  • Discussions with the original author about the choices/options described.

This participatory process between the editor and the author makes the TD more robust and reduces any loopholes by eliminating errors, inconsistencies and possible omissions. The intention is to significantly reduce budgetary supplements incurred during the execution of the project.

BEVAC also applies this technical proofing process to every Tender Document it prepares to ensure a comparable level of quality: when a TD is written by an engineer, we ensure that it is subsequently proofed by another engineer along the lines described above before distribution.

In our experience, the process generally enables budgetary supplements to be limited to 15%.

f the client so wishes, this proofing service can also be extended to provide assistance during bid selection and/or during the company follow-up phase (See Project management and company follow-up).