A system that has been in use for many years can display malfunctions and/or generate dissatisfaction among its operators and/or maintenance teams.

To respond to client needs under these circumstances, BEVAC can undertake a system audit that focuses on the following elements:

  • Identification of possible deviations from the existing 'as-built' system dossier and drafting a system inventory providing a ‘snapshot’ of the existing situation;
  • Identification of the system’s critical points and possible resulting malfunction (through system tests);
  • Analysis of the possibilities for improvement, particularly in terms of system operation and/or system architecture;
  • Verification of the appropriateness of the system’s technical and functional specifications with its characteristics and mode of operation;
  • Examination of system breakdowns, defective components and possible obsolescence of its constituent parts;
  • Proposal of a system maintenance plan and/or the replacement of units;
  • Definition of a strategy for medium-term renewal of the system.