BEVAC has many years of experience in Project management and company follow-up..

BEVAC can offer this service as a consultant to the project owner ("assistance to the project owner") or together with the company responsible for the work ("assistance to the project manager"). To guarantee the impartiality of the service, BEVAC does not undertake both activities on the same project.

Project management and company follow-up mainly cover the following tasks:

  • Coordination of the different contributors to the project to achieve its goals (project owner, project manager, final users, external experts, etc.);
  • Management of project documentation, verification of document updates and of coherence between documents;
  • Organisation and management of meetings and writing of meeting reports;
  • Follow-up of any ‘open’ activities and those to be signed off;
  • Organisation of the technical receipt stages of the project and assistance in defining the receipt programme and associated test requirements;
  • Assistance with administrative follow-up and control of the final financial accounts.

BEVAC works in a dynamic way to ensure that the necessary tasks are carried out throughout the project and to guarantee a perfect match between the planned tasks and the reality on the ground.

In order to do this, BEVAC relies on highly effective follow-up tools, which have been developed by our engineers over many years.