In each of the business areas targeted by BEVAC (Metro, Tram/LRT, Bus, Airports, Interurban networks, Road and motorway tunnels, Industrial buildings/complexes), a specific Tender Document (TD) is generally the final outcome of a Pre-project draft, which itself is preceded by a preliminary project study.

Among the services provided by BEVAC, the tasks of drawing up the pre-project draft and writing the Tender Document are key competencies that have helped create and forge our reputation.

If the client so wishes, BEVAC can also propose drawing up a preliminary inventory of existing installations which provides a "snapshot" of the current system situation (see Complex systems audit).

Once the tender document has been sent out by the client, BEVAC analyses and compares the various bid submissions and assists the client with possible negotiations.

These services are generally provided by BEVAC on an inclusive and consecutive basis but we can also undertake individual services if specifically requested by a client (part order only).


BEVAC offers the following services during the general PP phase:

  • Receipt and study of initial client data;
  • Assessment of the project needs expressed by the client;
  • Study of the corresponding products (equipment, software, etc.) available on the market;
  • Definition of the norms and regulations to be taken into account;
  • An initial technical and functional study summarising the project services to be realised;
  • Definition and description (with possible blueprints) of the different technical solutions envisaged;
  • An estimation of budgets, project priorities and associated deadlines;
  • Preparation of the PP dossier.


During the TD drafting phase, BEVAC offers the services below:

  • Selection, in combination with the client, of the optimal project solution on which to base the TD and of possible additional options and variations;
  • Definition of the operating environment in which the solution will be put in place and of the interfaces with existing client systems;
  • Establishment of a price schedule (cost estimate);
  • Precise definitions (with possible blueprints) of the system’s technical and/or functional specifications;
  • Assistance with writing the tender’s administrative clauses;
  • Preparation of the TD dossier.